Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Few Beauty Must Haves for Summer

Picture I took in LA at New Port Beach
Considering summer is right around the corner (so excited 17 days of school left!), I've decided to put up a beauty post about what you might help to have in your summer makeup bags. I have a pretty good idea of what will always be in mine during the summer considering Florida weather is almost summer year round. I've learned to have a lot of handy items since I moved here.
I hope some items in here might inspire you to put that in your bag :)

Blotting Paper

I will ALWAYS, no matter what, have blotting paper! Even if you don't or do wear makeup, blotting paper is very important to have in the summer. Of the heat, you sweat and then you'll shine like one of the Twilight casts (with or without the sparkles) either way unattractive, take the sheet out and press it against your skin. It won't remove your makeup! Whalla or however you spell that onomatopoeia, you are shine free. Girl OR guy, this item is important in the summer. They are cheap too! I get mine at Sephora for $8/100 sheets. And they are anything around $6-20, found even in drugstores. These will be your best best best bestest friend during this time of year!


Lip primer, eye primer, face primer, and etc. you should keep handy. My best suggestion is eye and lip primer because your eyelids will get oily in the summer and then you'll look like a panda and lips will also get chapped and when you apply lipstick it'll get chunky... nobody wants to kiss that!


When you think of summer, you'll think of pools and beaches. I, however, think about how gross it was seeing someone's mascara melt off their eyelashes cause she was sweating so much...or she just came out of the pool. Either way, waterproof makeup (mostly eye makeup) should have long been in your bag for when that jerk broke your heart, or when you got dunked into the pool.

BB Cream / Tinted Moisturizer

Even before summer, I've had been using a BB cream. Tinted moisturizers and such give light coverage and often doesn't get cakey. Don't be afraid to wear light coverage all over the face, if you have some blemishes you can still wear concealer and powder! It most likely won't look like a mudslide sliding off your face in the heat if you set your make up right and it won't feel suffocating/heavy for your face.


Translucent powder or with actual pigment, it's helpful to have powder. After blotting off you face or removing excess oil, the powder will help re-matte your face. I suggest a more translucent powder, just because you'll get tanner and don't know what color you'll really end up being.

I hope these items will help you through the summer. Don't forget your sunscreen/lotion. Put on your sunglasses and have fun!

What will be in your bag? What do you like to do during the summer? Comment below, I would love to know!

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  1. I love BB creams ^^ It's something not too heavy and gives you great coverage and skin benefits!!

    In my bag I usually don't carry much make up, usually just have my lip gloss and lip balm in case my lips go dry from the wild sun!!