Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to School! First Week Outfits

Hey everyone! So it's finally back to school and I thought why not show you guys what I'm wearing for the first week of school. Get you some inspiration for the school year or if you haven't gone back yet, get you excited for the new school year. (not really)

So this week I have only 4 days of school Tuesday-Friday, but I thought I'd throw in Saturday just so it's a full 5 days.
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Tuesday I'm wearing:
Crop topped shirt with an open back from PacSun
White basic jeans from Zara
Silver charm bracelet from Guess
Silver buckle bracelet from H&M
White leather bracelet from Cotton On
White flip flops from Old Navy (not shown)
For makeup, I simple put on some brown eye shadow over my lid with liquid eyeliner winged out and my Maybelline Baby Lip in Cherry Red.

Wednesday I'm wearing:
Frilly pastel shirt from Charlotte Russe
Short capri pants that I rolled up more from Forever 21
White Cardigan from Forever21
White flip flop from Old navy (not shown)
For makeup, I'm wearing the same as I did the day before.

Thursday I'm wearing:
Hoop earrings from Rue21
Cross earrings on my second piercings from a small shop in NYC
Bracelets from PinkO
Crop top from Forever 21
Capri jeans
Frilly flannel top from Abercrombie Kids
For makeup, I have on black gel eyeliner and Maybelline Baby Lip in Cherry Red.

Friday I'm wearing:
Sideways cross necklace from Forever21
Oversize skull muscle shirt I tied up from Zara
Bullhead black skinny jeans from PacSun
Black flats from a shop in New World Mall, NY
For makeup, I have black gel eyeliner in a cat eye and Maybelline Baby Lip in Quenched under Maybelline 720 Pearly Pink Lipstick.

If you are wondering where I got the red bag from, it's from Forever 21. 

And here's to make up not having Monday.
Saturday I'm wearing:
Silver cross necklace from Forever 21
Cross body bag from Kate Spade
Purple crop top from TopShop
Black trouser shorts from H&M
Black flats from a shop in New World Mall, NY
For makeup, I have on black gel eyeliner with some purple eyeshadow and Maybelline Baby Lip in Quenched with some powder.

The colors of my nail S011 Tip Your Waitress from Spoiled.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Good luck in school and I hope everyone has a great school year :)
Comment below of what your excited for school about or what you enjoyed about your summer.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


So 2 weeks at the beach and I'm already tan! It's amazing how pale I use to be :T I think I'm starting to like the new look now especially with really bright colors like neon pink against tan skin. It just makes the color really pop.
The only thing about tanning is the sunburn you might get. I highly recommend protection! Oh and  this really cool Zinc sunblock on the lips like what lifeguards use on their nose. It comes in different colors so it's cool to mess around with :D
Remember everyone, it's really important to moisturize during the summer too! You'll have better luck with cocobutter on sunburns and toning your skin. During the first day I went to the beach I got sunburn that progressed and instead of using a sugar and honey scrub on my lips I used it on my skin and it works just as well for removing dead skin.
Sunglasses and hats are going to be your friends for summer. You really have to protect your eye area because it may cause more wrinkles and it gets damaged easily. (Lesson that I've come to learn)

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