Wednesday, August 1, 2012


So 2 weeks at the beach and I'm already tan! It's amazing how pale I use to be :T I think I'm starting to like the new look now especially with really bright colors like neon pink against tan skin. It just makes the color really pop.
The only thing about tanning is the sunburn you might get. I highly recommend protection! Oh and  this really cool Zinc sunblock on the lips like what lifeguards use on their nose. It comes in different colors so it's cool to mess around with :D
Remember everyone, it's really important to moisturize during the summer too! You'll have better luck with cocobutter on sunburns and toning your skin. During the first day I went to the beach I got sunburn that progressed and instead of using a sugar and honey scrub on my lips I used it on my skin and it works just as well for removing dead skin.
Sunglasses and hats are going to be your friends for summer. You really have to protect your eye area because it may cause more wrinkles and it gets damaged easily. (Lesson that I've come to learn)

I made an Instragram <3 it's a_breath

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