Saturday, July 7, 2012

Adventured in Queens today

Well today I went to Flushing, Queens with my friends. The second Asian central in NY haha.

At first I was wondering around the second floor of New World Mall and I found the cutest dress ever! Too bad I didn't get it.. Maybe I'll go get it when I return sometimes. But I really want it because it reminds my of the blue version on ModCloth. The fit was like a glove!!

Afterwards I got really bored so I started to put on random glasses. It was fun! These are my fav that I should of got just to mess around. I also have pics of purple HelloKitty ones. They were cute too!

Well then after walking to other stores and running into a glass door I decided to just leave the shopping area... But I did by REALLY cute blotting sheets!

It was really cute and I got it for $6.

So one main reasons why I go to Queens is to buy bubble tea, egg tarts, and just eat. But here's some food I bought and haven't gobbled down yet :D

Yeah I love my sweet candies. All of my childhood *tear* Haha

If your wondering what that's seasoned seaweed. Everyone thinks I'm weird for eating that, but I love it! It's the best thing in the world. And surprisingly, the nutrition box says it has 0calories.
I also got those little bottles of soy milk,but no need to show that :D

 So my day kind of ended after going to Joyce Leslie and I wanted this outfit(so cute but the pants were a bit tight and didn't have another size so maybe I'll go find it at another Joyce Leslie) and another dress with pink zebra print and laced ribbon in the back similar to the black sweater dress by Guess, but I had to bite down my desire :(

Very hot but I had a good day :D

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