Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me Review

Hey everyone! I heard a lot about the Maybelline Baby Lip and really I thought what was so great about it after someone on Facebook what bragging about how they bought every color and how I watch the rave on Youtube about it. But now I know...I LOVE this product. I got the one in Cherry Red. 

Seriously, no lie.

At first I was intimated by how red the chapstick was, but I just went with my gut instincts to get it. It is EXTREMELY hard for my to find a lip product that I actually like, but I have finally found it.

I think I have sensitive lips or whatever, but unlike other lip products I used, the Baby Lips doesn't make my lips really chap or even peel/thtat white layer It is very moisturizing and you'll probably need just need a few touch ups during the day.

When I first applied it, it was very smooth. On closer inspections, it looked like a really light coat of lip gloss without the sticky-ness. And it tinted my lips a little red which I really liked because my lips looked really pale lately. I also like wearing my MAC Ravishing lipstick and then putting it over for a really nice finish.

I like the packaging. It's dainty, small, and easy to put in the purse. I like the clear covering, so I know what color I'm putting on.

Overall, I love this product. It's finally a product that moisturizes my lips and doesn't make it chap. It gives little color which I like. It applies smooth and doesn't feel like anything is on your lips. Easy to wear and I look forward to purchasing more of Maybelline's Baby Lip line :)

What have you been applying on your lips lately?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Healthy Tips For Weight Lost

I am no expert on this subject. But these are my advice to follow by to losing weight.

There are at least 3 broad categories of tips to losing weight:  lifestyle, food, and the one we all dread is exercising.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last Day with My Baby

Last day I get to see my baby, Noodle! He's going to be apart from me the whole summer. I hope he remembers me when I return :) I gave him a shower today before he has to go to the vet then someone's house the whole summer <3
Enjoy the pictures of my cutie.

Do you ever miss your pet or think about them when your on vacation? If you don't have a pet, do you wish to?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

6*2*12 Update

Hi everyone! I hope you guys are all enjoying the warmer weather. School is almost out and that means more free time! I have 5 more days, hooray! I am testing this coming week though, so it's been a bit busy. If you guys have finals, I wish you all luck :)
Ah and what kept me so busy was watching my Asian dramas, but I should really study. 49 Days is such a sad drama, ugh I don't like the ending but it's cute! Queen Inhyun's Man is also good and a bit more different from other dramas I've watched. I can't wait for the updates!
Oh, I'll be going back to NY the 14th! I can't wait to visit all my friends again and shopping! A small suprise is to be ready for a haul.

What are you guys doing this summer? Are you going to the beach?
Just testing a new look don't mind That's a heart by the way ;)
Have a great day/night? Have fun and maybe even good luck!