Saturday, September 15, 2012

Haul: Shoes shoes shoess

Hey everyone! It's been a long time again and I do apologize I was just waiting for everything to get in to do a haul for you guys. But just to post something for now I'll show you guys the shoes I got since I've worn out my other flats. There will be a clothing/etc haul soon though! I hope you guys enjoy :)

Orig. $79.98 with promo code $59.99
So first off, I went on ShoeMint for my first purchase and I have been looking at these boots for AGES! This is the Esther collection in Taupe and it's just so my style and I hope to get the whole Esther series. These booties/boots are so comfortable and perfect for the fall and just year round. These boots are also very well made.
Oh, and if you're not aware about ShoeMint, it's an online subscription shopping site specifically for shoes and now they have a few bags. First, you take a quiz and then a stylist will match you up to shoes that match your style and it'll be in you showroom. But you can view all the shoes still.You pay $79.98 each month with free shipping and you get credits to buy shoes, or you can skip the month. It's pretty cool and it's like Sole Society, Just Fab, etc. Check it out here --> ShoeMint
First purchase promo code: RACHEL20

So next off, I went on Steven Madden. To my luck, they had a sale on really cute flats AND a promo code going on of 30% off the entire purchase so I got $60 off my entire purchase. So I was pretty lucky to snatch up these three flats up.

This is the Kwilted Black Leather Flats for $62.98 on sale.
For some reason I've been getting a lot of quilted black leather things.. like my Kate Spade bag. Weird. But I love these flats! They are so comfortable and didn't hurt that much as I was assuming to hurt. It just dug a bit into one of my heels. Also, I was inspired to get these by a few Youtubers having this pair and thought it was the perfect flats for me too.

These are the Facto Natural Multi Flats that wasn't on sale for I think $80.
The colors really pretty in life. It's like a perfect coffee color, though it shows up like a dark caramel.

There are the Kadiee flats in Blush Patent for around $56.
I fell in love with the back studs cause I thought it was like settle way to bring the stud and tassel trend going on into a flat. the only thing is that I have really wide feet and it's a bit snug, so I'll have to break these in.
Steven Madden is having a promo right too online: LEAVES

Just to let you guys know, this was NOT sponsored. I'm just a bad shopaholic and I really needed some shoes that'd actually last. You'll mostly catch me wearing flats, flip flops, and boots all throughout the year! It's kind of a splurge... but I think it's amended by the fact my birthdays next week, haha.
I hope you guys enjoyed! And let me know if you want me to do more of these..

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream Review

Hey guys! Today I'm going to do a review about the Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream for normal dry skin. What it basically is if you haven't heard about it, it is a cream you rub onto your skin and wait 3-7 minutes as suggested, wipe it off/wash off and it will remove your hair. There are two different kinds of the cream; there's one for sensitive skin and just one for normal and dry skinned people. Veet also makes different products for hair removal too.