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Healthy Tips For Weight Lost

I am no expert on this subject. But these are my advice to follow by to losing weight.

There are at least 3 broad categories of tips to losing weight:  lifestyle, food, and the one we all dread is exercising.

Lifestyle Tips

I know you are all probably going to say that you are pretty content with lifestyle and wouldn't want to change a thing. But these are as easy of doing as...saying yes to the dress?... Okay, I guess it's not so easy. But here are some motivating tips for you all!
Buying smaller sizes when you go shopping. I am not telling to totally change your whole closet into smaller sizes that you can't wear, but whether keep a few clothing that are tighter. Why? Girl, don't tell me you haven't wanted to kill to wear that dress, but it was too small. This will motivate you to actually want to lose weight and even exercise.
Eating breakfast! Eating breakfast is VERY important because it starts your day off with energy and it also helps your metabolism. And yes, I am very guilty of skipping out on this important meal in the morning :(
Snacks throughout the day will keep your metabolism running. Eat healthier snacks though like fruits and nuts.
Reduce eating outside or eating at fast food places. If you have been living in a hole, let me tell you, it is FATTENING. Not only, is it fattening because of the larger portion size, but also do your really know what kind of ingredients are being used? And this means all your fast-food and chain restaurants! I had gone out to eat for a month and had packed up a lot more pounds than I would've at home. It'll also save you money, so it's a win win situation.
If not eat with friends if you go out. You can always share food. Also, it's like WANTING the ribs so bad, but knowing that you can't eat it like a caveman in public because of showing manners.
Wearing a bit tighter clothing when you go out to eat like jeans, shirt, or the dress. You'll know when your feeling a bit more tight. I read once on Yahoo! (even if they have fibs) that women from France tie a bow/ribbon under their clothing when they go out to eat, so they'll know when they should stop eating.
Not staying up so late because after time goes since dinner, you'll probably be hungry again. It'll make you wonder around your kitchen till your satisfied with your munchies. And suddenly, you'll be either bored from staying up all night or you'll be tired afterwards and sleep after you just ate. I know we've all been there and will be again probably tonight.
Cleaning is exercising too!

Food Tips

Portion size is the key to maintaining weight. As we've all heard over and over again, over the years portion sizes have increases. Thus, we are taking in more calories in one inning than what we are suppose to. 
If your full then you are full. End of story, you don't have to try and stuff yourself like it's your last day to live. I am totally guilty of doing this when I eat sushi, but still it's bad. What's so good about feeling like you'll blow up any second? Certainly, nothing. Unless you know you'll never eat whatever you're eating again, stop when you feel almost full. You will get another chance to eat! And you can almost always take it to go.
Drink water more than you do soda. I have stopped my soda drinking or drinks with high sugar, and I'm surprised that I don't have soda craves and lost a surprisingly huge amount of weight (about 3-5lbs). I used to be able to drink a whole liter or two of soda, but now a can or even less will satisfy me (make me a bit queasy too).  The benefits of water is that it is 0calories, and it really is good for your skin too. You see, it clears out your system as well as reduce blemishes from the high sugar level. Also, nothing hydrates you as much as water. How much I now drink soda? I only drink soft drinks when I go out to eat sometimes, but I try not to. I would rather have sweet tea (my new fave since I moved). You can easily incorporate this into your life by bringing a bottle of water with you, so you already have something to drink. I have to say, this was really tough for me! I was crazy to get my hands on soda for about 3 weeks and after so, I didn't feel it anymore.
Sauce on the side is the great tip for eating at a restaurant or just out. Asking sauce on the side has many perks besides not consuming the extra calories, it also prevents your food from getting soggy. I always get sauce on the side when I eat salad.
Don't go on a full on diet you should indulge, but not too much. Buy a little pack of what you like to eat (preferably the one serving packs). If you buy the family size or whatever extra large size, of course you'll feel the need to finish it all before anyone else does.
Watch your calories and I'm not saying to be so uptight about it. But just look at how many calories you're taking it per portion size and think if it's actually worth it that day. Or be like you had a cake today maybe you should keep the chocolate for tomorrow. Be aware of your nutrition box.

Exercise Tips

Before even touching on this subject, we should all exercise. Before you even know it, you'll yearn to go. You shouldn't just keep whining that you want to lose weight, it won't help. It's up to you at the end of the day to make it happen. And exercising will help you.
Gym clothing should hug you a bit. I purposely buy a bit tight fitted gym clothing so that I want to work out. That's something to motivate me to exercise at the gym and when you lose weight you could see your gym clothing get bigger. It's a good feeling that you're actually losing weight. It also shows where you should work on and lets your skin breathe. Never wear rubber in heat or any suffocating clothing material cause you think  you'll "lose more weight". No, it will put you more at risk of dehydration because your skin is trying to breathe and is sweating a lot to keep you cool. Always keep hydrated during workouts, muscle cramps are signs that you are dehydrated!
If you hate exercising, you should try dancing! Whether your good or bad at dancing, dancing burns lots of calories. You can even socialize, make friends, and even have fun while doing it. Try Latin Heat/Zumba at local gym class or with your friends on TV if you don't have a membership to gym. I go to LA Fitness to get my exercise on :) You don't even have to go to a gym, go to a party or something and have fun!
Swimming is so helpful to getting fit. It works out your whole body even if you just go to the deep end and try to stay afloat.
Sauna will help you sweat out a bit more calories and help your pores, but don't rely on it to lose weight. Again, you will get nothing accomplished by being lazy.
Reward yourself if you've met your exercising goal. Like if you've finished one lap without stopping, go get ice cream or a necklace, whatever you want! I think this would be a good goal for me considering my cardiovascular is really bad. The key is to have a long term goal, but smaller ones towards the long term one.

I hope these few tips off my mind at the moment will help and encourage you to healthy weight loss :) Stay safe too!
Comment below if you'd like to share your tip! I would love to hear them.

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