Monday, April 16, 2012

DIY Sea Salt for Your Skin/Pores

You go to the beach for break and tan under the sun. Your hair is messy with the salty air or from swimming in the ocean. But after the relax time, did you notice your skin looking healthier? Less acne or black heads? That is the magic of sea salt believe it or not.
Last year at the beach with my friends and we spent most of our time tanning and cooling off in the waters. It wasn't in till the fourth day of the week that I had noticed my skin getting clearer besides the obvious tan. My blackheads around my nose had almost vanished and my troubled acne back was getting better too. I wondered and concluded to the sun. But later on as I moved to Florida with my mom, she told me to rub sea salt on my acne or blackheads as she has a reliable source of information from her friend.

Even if it's not summer time or you don't live in warmer areas, you could still get the same results. You'll need water, sea salt, and it's optional if you want a cotton pad.
So let's get started:
1. Pour out a little bit of sea salt into a bowl and put a little more amount of water than your sea salt.
2. Mix it together and you'll have a little scrub.
3. You could use a cotton pad or your fingers and dab it into the sea salt.
4. Rub it all over your nose to get rid of black heads.
5. Rinse off and repeat every two to three days for results.

Have clearer skin whether at the beach or not ;) Easy way to get clear skin!

Tell me if it works for you cause it certainly worked for me <3


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  2. When I saw sea and salt together I figured it would be a hair post. Never heard of using it for your face. Very interesting.

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  4. Great post!! I didn't know sea salt was good for the skin!! Pretty interesting and useful information here.

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  5. I am definitely going to try this, thanks so much for sharing this post, its been really interesting :D


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